American Equity Self-funded Pension Plans

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American Equity Investment Life Holding Company offers fixed index and fixed rate self-funded pension plans. They are available in all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, so no matter where you live, you can enjoy the many benefits.

Self-funded Pension Plans

American Equity has three types of self-funded pension plans, with options within those plans.

1. Traditional Fixed

The benefits of a traditional fixed self-funded pension plan include tax-deferred growth and immediate access to the systematic withdrawals needed to please the IRS minimum distributions.

You can also make penalty-free withdrawals, with some limitations.

Plans within the traditional fixed category include:

    • Premier Eagle 10
    • Premier Eagle 12
    • Guarantee Series


2. Fixed Indexed

When you choose a fixed indexed plan, you receive tax-deferred growth and 10% penalty-free withdrawals after the first year. You also have the power to choose how your interest is calculated and what index is used.There are a lot of plans within this category, including:

    • Gold plans
    • Choice Series plans


Lifetime Income

With a lifetime income annuity product, you pay one premium at the beginning and the payments after that do not change for however long you’ve chosen the plan to be, which might be the rest of your life. Benefits include access to several income options and payout modes, and a steady income that doesn’t change based on the outside interest rate.There is one lifetime income self-funded pension plan:

    • Single premium immediate self-funded pension plan

Want To Learn More?

If you are interested in forming a contract with American Equity or just want to learn more about their self-funded pension plans, you can reach your MGA Personal Benefits Manager at 800-913-3416 or by email, if that’s more convenient. We are available during the week from 9am-11pm EST, and are eager to help answer any questions you might have about how to set up a self-funded pension plan, to secure your retirement income.