Athene Self-funded Pension Plans

Athene is comprised of a series of companies owned by holding company Athene Holding Ltd. Athene USA is the branch responsible for self-funded pension plans. Athene USA is based in Iowa and sells their products in all 50 states. While the Athene brand hasn’t been around as long as some other companies, all the Athene companies combined have been in the retirement savings and self-funded pension plans business for over a century.

Types of self-funded pension plans

  • Single premium immediate self-funded pension plans (SPIA)
    You pay one sum (the single premium) and Athene pays you an income till you or your spouse dies, or for a length of time specified in the contract.
  • Multi-year guarantee self-funded pension plans (MYGA)
    For a length of time specified in the contract, your savings grow at a fixed rate and are tax-deferred.
  • Fixed indexed self-funded pension plans
    You can benefit from stock market trends without actually owning stocks. A part of your premium’s interest rate is based on a published stock market index, but the principal is protected from market downturns.

Member Benefits Offered by Athene

In addition to the resource links on their web page, Athene offers a newsletter for their members called “Smart Strategies,” that is packed with expert information on how to save, retirement, healthy living, and more. Athene is committed to not only providing self-funded pension plans, but to educating their customers on every aspect of retirement and savings.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about the annuity plans that Athene offers, or annuity plans in general, please call a Personal Benefits Manager at 800-913-3416. We will be more than happy to help you and offer advice for your specific situation.