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Hello. I’m Jim Corn, and I’d like to welcome you to MediGap Advisors. I have become an expert on Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance, both for myself and to be able to join the MediGap Advisors team. I know, without a doubt, that I can help you find real answers to help fill the gaps in your Medicare coverage.

I first got involved in looking for Medigap insurance when I started to come close to my retirement. As I approached the end of a rewarding and successful career, my wife and I discovered we needed more health insurance.

Happily Married 20 Years
I like to think of myself as a detail-oriented problem solver, but I have to admit I got confused as I waded through the literature. There were hundreds of available plans. The constant stream of advertising, promising this benefit and that special feature, made it even more exasperating.

I felt that this really should be a simpler process. So as you can see, I can really relate to how you’re feeling as you begin to explore what Medicare actually covers and what you have to do to cover the costs it doesn’t.

With my beautiful wife Diane

Family is everything

While I was researching our options, I came across MediGap Advisors and was put in touch with one of their caring professional Personal Benefits Manager. Our Personal Benefits Manager paid close attention to what my wife and I were saying, researched our options, and then showed us how to save money while protecting our health and our finances from unexpected medical events. With the help of our Personal Benefits Manager, the details started to settle into place and our best options suddenly became very clear.

I was impressed because there was no hard sell. They weren’t trying to push or pressure us. Instead, when we presented our health care priorities, we were pointed in the right direction. Then we were free to take personal responsibility for ourselves. That’s the main reason I wanted to be part of the MediGap Advisors team. I think everybody deserves to have the information they need to help themselves and make good choices. Now, as a Personal Benefits Manager, that’s what I do!

Our Children
As part of the MediGap Advisors team, I’m an independent agent. That means I can help you with plans from many leading insurers. I’m not tied to a single company. I’m also proud to say that I only represent companies that are rated A- and higher. That means independent rating organizations like A.M. Best have verified that the companies I represent offer quality products and are financially solid.

When I am not helping people with their health insurance needs, I am spending time with family (four children and two grandchildren), or I am out on the golf course, volunteering at my church, or reading. I also love photography.

When I was their age, I spent a lot of time at the neighborhood firehouse just a block away from our home.  I wanted to grow up to be a fireman and help protect people. I feel that I do the same thing now, without the toy fire truck!

Our Active Grandchildren

That’s me way back when!

I would love to take the time to answer your questions and address your concerns about your health care needs. To help you get the protection you need, MediGap Advisors provides access to quick and easy online quotes. Whenever you have questions or just want a professional opinion to help clarify your options, I’m here for a free confidential consultation.

Take a look at the many Additional Benefits MediGap Advisors has to help you save a lot of money. I can also keep you updated about your health care options by comparing your coverage with new plans that are available. I’ll let you know when something that better fits your needs comes along. I’m there every step of the way, and there’s never a charge for my help.

Read what our clients say about Jim Corn…

I am very well pleased with the policies and all aspects of service I have received from Jim and Will. Your company was a real lifesaver when my career ended sooner than I expected and I started my own company!”

John W. Mitchell, MS
Cedaredge, CO


Jim Corn has been my PBM for approximately 9 years! He has been outstanding to deal with and by now, although I’ve never met him, I feel almost like I’m dealing with a good friend. I am more than pleased with his responsiveness, his attention to detail and his care in explaining exactly how things work and reasons. He has exceeded my expectations and I appreciate it very much!”

Julianne Ray
Concord, NC

My shopping experience was excellent. I’m not the easiest of customers, but Jim Corn persevered and got the job done. Thanks, Jim.

I was immediately instilled with a feeling of confidence and Jim has a great knowledge of the market and was able to fit me with the best plan available. I would recommend Jim and your company anytime.”


Steve Antman
Hollywood, Florid

“We had dealt with another agent who said he represented several companies, but only pushed one.

We dropped him in favor of going with your company. We have worked directly with Jim Corn and he seems very knowledgeable on the products he handles. He is a keeper.

Jim did a good job of narrowing down the choices. He was always available and quick to reply to questions and concerns.

He was very practical and never pressured us at all quite the opposite. He emphasized that we should think about our choices and make the right choice for our individual needs.

Plus, he never acted like we were a bother, even when we probably were. We certainly will tell others that we had a good experience with Jim!


John Lafon
Franklin, Tennessee

"Jim Corn had a lot of patience and thoroughly answered all my questions. He called at the designated time without fail. He's never late."

The shopping and purchase of my insurance policy went smooth. Jim Corn had a lot of patience and thoroughly answered all my questions.

I worked exclusively with him over the phone. He set times for us to discuss my choices and he called at the designated time without fail. He’s never late. I didn’t find myself frustrated at the entire process simply because Jim walked me through the different plans and explained them in detail.


Michael Marchetti
Bridgeport, CT

"I felt like he (Jim) was working for me and not with me. That's great customer service! I am so glad that you have agents like Jim working for you. It has been a pleasure dealing with MediGap."

Jim was patient and kind during this insurance shopping experience. He listened to what I had to say and worked with me to find the best options that met our needs. He is very informative and I felt like he was working for me and not with me. That’s great customer service!

Jim and I are still working together. I have to decide on a drug plan that will suit me. With all that I have going on right now that is on the bottom of my list of things to do. Jim understands however he keeps reminding me that this is something that I really need to do and soon before the deadline ends. I really appreciate that If I miss the deadline, it will be my fault not his. I am so glad that you have agents like Jim working for you. It has been a pleasure dealing with MediGap.

Linda Grose
Plainfield, IL

"Jim provided a valuable service and cared about helping me make good, informed decisions."

Shopping and purchasing with MediGap Advisors was very straightforward and easy. Jim was great. He explained everything well and made the whole process a lot less confusing than it would have been otherwise.

He was not like the other insurance brokers who contacted me and said they wanted to help but were pushy and acted impatient and very unhappy when ! said / wanted to think things over.

Jim provided a valuable service and cared about helping me make good, informed decisions.

Thomas “Tom” Lockwood
Bellevue, WA