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Hello, I’m Michael Montes and I represent MediGap Advisors. Medicare can be very confusing and even overwhelming, so we at MediGap Advisors have packed our website with information and resources to educate and guide you. We have years of experience with Medicare. As your Personal Benefits Manager, I am here to share that experience and expertise with you. Your questions are welcome!

My experience with finding the right insurance policy is hard-won, and the result of a mistake my wife and I made not too long ago. Although we are not yet on Medicare, we were still overwhelmed by choosing an insurance policy.

We ended up with coverage that wasn’t a good match for our needs. At the critical moment we needed it, the plan didn’t meet our expectations. Our out-of-pocket expenses totaled in the thousands, and we regretted following bad advice from someone who clearly did not listen to us, had no idea what our needs were, and sold us coverage that failed us.

I was able to do a better job with my extended family. I educated myself and became a member of the MediGap Advisors team. Now, I am proud to be able to help my dad and my aunts and uncles understand Medicare. It is so rewarding to give them the advice they need that makes their costs manageable. I love to make their Medicare experience a little bit easier, so they can just go enjoy their lives!

I take the same approach with my clients. We talk about your needs, I make recommendations, and then I keep your policy working for you by staying on top of issues that may affect your coverage.

Medicare: My Experience

My personal experience with Medicare and some other resources has proven invaluable in the past. It’s my responsibility as a MediGap Advisors Personal Benefits Manager to help you avoid the personal and financial stress of having coverage that fails you when you need it most.

Recently, I talked to a gentleman whose children handled all his affairs. When we talked about his situation, I realized he was eligible for various government and private assistance programs that he and his children weren't aware existed. I helped them with the qualification process and left them with specific contact information and details on other assistance programs.

Another time, when one of my clients referred a friend to talk with me, I found the friend was taking 16 different medications. She was new to Medicare and was paying a hefty price for her meds every month. It turned out that she was qualified for a low-income subsidy called “Extra Help,” which I helped her apply for. I also did some research and found a few Rx plan choices that would cover all of her medication. I even found a program that helped her doctors coordinate reducing her different medications. In just one meeting, I found ways to help her save thousands of dollars.

The gratification that comes with helping people solve these big, real-life problems is why I do what I do, and the MediGap Advisors mission reflects my attitude about how to serve our clients. Back in 2005, I realized that ethical, honest Personal Benefits Manager with the integrity to work for what was in the client's best interest were needed to help people deal with the gaps in Medicare’s coverage. I decided to become one of them. 

My wife and I have been married for over 20 years, and we have two amazing kids. We do our best to make sure everything we do helps them understand the value and importance of characteristics like bravery, honesty, integrity and leadership.

Mike and Wife

Me and Juanita

I’ve been happily married since 1997 and I’m a proud father of two beautiful children; Gavin & Madisyn.  Our family leads a happy, healthy, and positive lifestyle.  We're adventurous and love to have fun.  We jump at the chance to learn, explore and experience new things all the time.  We constantly instill good values, morals, beliefs and wisdom in our children so they can grow up to be valuable, positive, and successful leaders.


Our kids: we couldn’t be prouder!


One swing and I was hooked!

When I am not working or enjoying the great outdoors with my wife and children, I enjoy skiing, swimming, boating, hiking and jet-skiing. Recently, I took up golf, and now I can see why everyone is so obsessed!

I also like to read. I am always looking for words that inspire me to be the best I can be and to constantly improve myself. I like Jim Rohn’s quote: "You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”

I’ve taken charge and chosen to become an expert on Medigap plans to help people like you take control of their own circumstances. Give me a call and we’ll find the coverage you need at the price you want.

Best wishes,

Mike Montes

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Direct Line:  800-913-2195
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