Liberty Bankers Life

About Liberty Bankers Life 

Since 1958, LBL has been serving customers with life insurance and annuity products. Their headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, and are licensed in 46 states with over 8,000 agents. They are owned by Liberty Life Group Trust. Together with its subsidiary, Capitol Life Insurance Company, LBL serves 47 states and the District of Columbia.

Available plans

LBL currently offers annuities and life insurance. The annuity plans break down into three options:

  • Single premium deferred annuities (SPDA)

    • Interest rate is established when you get the plan, so you are guaranteed that interest until you start withdrawing.
  • Flexible premium deferred annuities (FPDA)
    • Single or multiple premium payments all within the same policy, so you can make additional payments whenever you want after the first premium payment.
  • The single premium immediate annuity option (SPIA)
    • Paid for with a single premium, and will continue to pay you a fixed amount for a selected number of years (if you get the Period Certain), for life (Single Life), or to one of two people (Joint & Survivor).

There are also three options for life insurance with LBL:

  • Whole life plans cover Final Expenses and other protections for debt, mortgage cancellation, and so on.
  • Term life plans provide coverage for a certain period of time, like 10, 15, 20, or 30 years.
  • Pre-arranged funeral plans vary from 100% of a funeral for applicants in good or excellent health (Full Benefit Life Insurance) to Graded Benefit Life Insurance, which covers different percentages of a funeral’s total cost depending on how much time has passed since purchasing the plan.

Medicare supplement

LBL offers a Medigap policy that can fill in gaps left by traditional Medicare. They are able to offer standardized policies - lettered A through N - at predictable costs and with the freedom to see any specialist or doctor that accepts Medicare.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about Liberty Bankers Life and their products, please call an MGA Personal Benefits Manager at 800-913-3416. We are more than happy to clear up any confusions or assist you in getting a policy.