Medicare Supplement plans can pay for healthcare services from doctors, hospitals and other providers even when Medicare does not cover those services. For example, Medicare doesn’t cover you when you travel outside the United States, but several Medigap Plans protect you with 80 percent coverage of emergency medical care for up to 60 days when you are traveling abroad.
Medicare Supplement Insurance can also protect your access to the specialist of your choice. Not all physicians accept Medicare’s pre-determined benefit amount for doctor services. With Medigap Plan F or C, you’ll have coverage for the full amount your doctor charges even when that exceeds Medicare’s pre-approved rate.
Medigap Insurance also protects you when Medicare’s payments are reduced. For instance, if you need extended hospital care beyond 60 days, you’ll be charged $275 a day because Medicare will only pay for a portion of your daily care.
To get complete protection whenever Medicare puts you at financial risk for medical charges, you can select from different Medicare Supplement Plans that offer various combinations of benefits and premium rates. If you have questions or would like to discuss your choices with a Medicare Supplement expert, you can also call MediGap Advisors at 866 323-1441 and there’s never a charge for their services.'

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