If you read about Medicare’s coverage on a government website, you’ll see wonderful coverage that sounds like it helps you with just about every type of care you may need during retirement. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll uncover charges of over a thousand dollars that you’ll still have to pay even with Medicare’s coverage.
Yes, it is true that Medicare will pay for hospitalization up to 60 days, but it will not cover that at 100 percent. You’ll owe a $1,100 Part A deductible in 2010, and that deductible has been increasing through the years. After you pay that deductible, you could still owe more if you need to remain in the hospital for over 60 days. Beginning with the 61st day, you’ll be charged $275 per day in 2010.
If you don’t want to risk being hit with such big medical bills in case the unexpected strikes, you’ll want to see what Medicare Supplement Plans can do for you. Designed to fill the gaps in Medicare, there are 10 different Medigap Plans, each designated as a lettered plan. For example, the popular Medigap Plan F has the most comprehensive coverage. Like most of the Medigap Insurance, Medigap Plan F will reimburse you for 100 percent of the Part A deductible. Other Medigap Plans offer lower premiums in exchange for covering just 75 or 50 percent of the Part A deductible.
Medicare Supplement Insurance combines different amounts of coverage to help you find the plan that best fits your situation. If you need less coverage, you’ll find plans with less expensive premiums. Want to learn more? You can see all the Medigap Insurance plans, as well as more ideas and information to help you save money on our website. If you’d like expert professional help, just call MediGap Advisors at 866 323-1441 to arrange for a personal consultation at no cost to you.


Jim McFadden has over 11 years of executive-level experience in the health insurance industry, is a youth baseball, softball and football coach, and has one of the worst fantasy football records in the world.