ould you believe something actually costs less in 2012? Medicare Advantage plans are averaging premiums seven percent less than last year.
Medicare Advantage plans offers extensive benefits beyond what Medicare coverage can give you. An Advantage plan may cover your dental needs as well as hearing and vision services. In addition, Advantage plans include prescription coverage with lower premiums than Part D plans.
However, you might want to scrutinize carefully the rules of Medicare Advantage plans to ensure that you will get what you expect. It is essential to check the details of each plan because Advantage plans are individualized, unlike standardized Medigap insurance. If an Advantage plan covers prescriptions, you need to find out which medications are covered.
Coverage for Advantage plans is restricted to much smaller areas than Medigap plans, which are available state wide. If you want to know more about Medicare Advantage plans or Medigap plans, you can find detailed information here on our website. Our experts will be very willing to walk you through the different kinds of Medicare plans and help you get the best one for your situation.


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