There are basically two ways to add to your Medicare coverage: Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. Both kinds of plans can help you get more from Medicare, but there are big differences between Medigap Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans. The first difference is that Medicare Advantage Plans replace your Medicare coverage through the federal government with similar coverage from a private insurance company. In contrast, Medigap Plans work in combination with Medicare and fill in the “gaps” when Medicare doesn’t pay for doctor or hospital services.
Medicare Advantage Plans usually go beyond offering Medicare benefits from private insurers. Most plans include more coverage than is available through “Original Medicare,” like helping with eyeglasses and hearing aids. However, you cannot use Original Medicare and an Advantage Plan at the same time. It’s actually not legal for a company to sell you a Medigap Plan if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan because you can’t use the benefits in combination so you’d be paying for coverage without getting any benefit from it.
Medicare Supplement Plans can also expand on coverage available through Medicare. For instance, while Medicare typically only pays for 80 percent of a doctor bill, you can add certain Medigap Plans to pick up that remaining 20 percent. When you need to see a doctor often, that’s a big help.
Lucky for you, our website explains both Medicare Advantage Plans and Medigap Insurance options. There are actually 10 benefit packages available as Medigap Insurance and an array of Medicare Advantage Plans. While Medigap Insurance is usually available throughout whole states, Advantage Plans are restricted to much smaller areas, so you may not be able to find one where you live. You can visit our website for further information and to find out what options you have. Our friendly experts will be glad to help you if you don’t find answers to all of your questions through our comprehensive resources.'

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