Also called Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans are another way you can receive your Part A, B, and D Medicare benefits. You’re protected because Medicare Advantage plans are standardized, and are required to offer coverage that meets or exceeds standards set by the original Medicare program. However, Medicare Advantage plans can cover benefits in different ways so you can customize your coverage to fit your unique needs.
For example, if a Medicare Advantage plan pays less than Medicare for certain benefits (such as skilled nursing facility care), the savings may be passed back to you in the form of lower copayments for doctor visits. It’s common for Medicare Advantage plans to offer dental and vision coverage, as well as other services not covered by Medicare Parts A or B.
A third of Medicare beneficiaries with Part D coverage are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. With twelve standardized Medicare Advantage plans available until June of this year, and the two new plans that will be available as of June 1st 2010, you have a selection of Medicare Advantage plans to pick from to find the right fit for your situation. The best reason to take advantage of Medicare Advantage plans may be for the added protection statistics have shown.
An analysis of data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that Medicare Advantage enrollees spent fewer days in the hospital than original Medicare Fee-for-Service enrollees, were less likely to have “potentially avoidable” admissions, and had fewer re-admissions.
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