On December 3, the Senate rejected a bid by Republicans to eliminate proposed Medicare cuts from the Senate Health Care Bill. In addition to rejecting the health care cuts, Republicans also made a move to include approved safeguards that would cover mammograms and other preventative tests for women, which were also rejected by the Senate.
Sen. John McCain (Rep. Arizona) proposed the amendments. Senators voted 58-42 to reject the amendments. The amendments are aimed to stop more than $400 billion from being cut from the Medicare program. As it stands, nearly $1 trillion in Medicare cuts are included in the health care bill, according to an article by the Associated Press.
If the Senate had approved the amendments, the 2, 074-page bill would have been sent back to the Senate Finance Committee for revisions.
The Republican Party suggests that the proposed cuts will mean that seniors in the Medicare Advantage program will lose benefits. The cuts will reduce payment amounts to medical providers and health insurance plans.
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