Understanding Medigap Insurance
Medicare: A federally provided health insurance program for individuals 65 and older, individuals of any age with permanent kidney failure, and individuals with certain disabilities.
Many of us believe that we know all we need to know about Medicare. But I’m guessing there are many individuals out there who would never have thought that Medicare could be used by a 29-year-old with kidney failure, or a 41-year-old with disabilities. And this is completely understandable, because the way Medicare is talked about within society makes it seem as if it is only for retired folks. This is most often the case, but certainly not always the case. It begs the question, “What else don’t I know about Medicare?
This article from LifeHealthPro brings to light some of the more confusing aspects of Medicare, and clears up many of the misunderstandings you may have about this critical government program: http://www.lifehealthpro.com/2013/08/05/13-medicare-facts-you-need-to-know

Wiley Long is founder and president of Medigap Advisors, and is passionate about helping people navigate the confusing waters of Medicare. He is the author of The Medicare Playbook: Designing Your Successful Health Coverage Strategy, a clear and simple explanation so you can make the most of your Medicare coverage.