Medicare is divided into four parts. Part A deals with home health care, hospice, hospital, and skilled nursing care. Part B handles doctors’ services, other medical services, and supplies not covered by Part A. Part C allows you to receive Medicare benefits through private health insurance (Medicare Advantage Insurance) in place of Parts A and B. Part D provides prescription drug coverage.
Medicare Part A does NOT cover:
–   Adult daycare
–   A private room, unless medically necessary
–   Assisted living
–   Custodial care
–   Personal care items, like razors or slipper socks
–   Private duty nursing
–   The first three pints of blood, unless the blood deductible has been met.
Medicare Supplement Insurance, or Medigap Insurance can cover expenses that Medicare doesn’t. Medigap Plans have standardized benefits. For example, Plan A always has the same set of benefits regardless of which company sells it. Companies may sell Plan A for different prices, though. Right now, you can choose from twelve Medigap Plans, but the plans are changing this June.
Enrolling in Medicare Supplement Insurance can be easy with the right help. Just call us at 866 323-1441 for a free Medigap consultation. We can answer your questions, and handle your enrollment entirely over the phone. If you prefer, we can email, fax, mail, or personally deliver an application to you.'

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