Gerber Life is now offering Medicare supplement insurance in California.  This is the same well known and well rated Gerber Insurance Company that offers life insurance to children.  Gerber Medigap plans are priced quite competitively and in many areas they are the best rates available for those over age 65.  Consumers can request personal quotes by contacting us at 866-323-1441.
Change Medicare Insurance Yearly
California is unique in that every year, Medicare beneficiaries can switch their Medicare supplement insurance without any underwriting.  This is referred to as the “Birthday Rule” and allows consumers to switch to like or lesser coverage.
For example, those insured under a Plan F with any insurance carrier would be allowed to switch to a new plan F with Gerber or anyone else for that matter.  There are no health questions to answer during this personal yearly enrollment window.
Plan J Coverage in California
For the time being Plan J is still available in all states.  Gerber Life does not offer Plan J, but Mutual of Omaha, through their subsidiary United World Life Insurance Company, offers very affordable Plan J rates in CA.
It is important to note that in June of 2010 Plan J is being phased out and newer plans are being phased in.  Consumers will no longer be able to purchase Plan J at that time, but will be allowed to keep their existing Plan J or switch to another (like Plans C or F) on their birthday.
Using an Independent Agent
It  may be wise for consumers to align themselves with an independent agency like ours offering medicare supplemental insurance in CA.  We research the market and are able to offer new plans all the time in order to find the best value for our clients.
Typically, when coverage is first introduced is when it will be most affordable to the consumer.  The longer the insurance has been available, the higher the premiums will be due to claims experience by the insurance company.
When consumers use Medigap Advisors, they are buying direct from the insurance carrier.  There is never a surcharge for our assistance.  And when plans change (like they will in 2010) or when a new competitively priced medicare supplement plan has been introduced, then your trusted Advisor will explain all of your options.'

Jim McFadden has over 11 years of executive-level experience in the health insurance industry, is a youth baseball, softball and football coach, and has one of the worst fantasy football records in the world.