As long as your health is relatively good, it’s typically safe to changes plans for more benefits or better rates. You may downgrade or reduce your coverage by changing to a Medigap plan with fewer benefits at any time upon request, but upgrading takes a little more effort.
A new application is required to trade up to a plan with more benefits. If you’re doing this outside of open enrollment, you’ll have to pass medical underwriting questions about your health. That’s why it’s better to make all these changes while you are fairly healthy.
One reason you may want to change Medicare Supplement plans is to take advantage of new plans that weren’t available when you shopped for Medigap insurance. In June 2010, two new plans were added that offer lower premiums than several of the older plans.
Whenever you want to see what’s new in Medicare supplement insurance, just visit us online.  All the plan benefits are clearly explained there, but if you have any questions, MediGap Advisors provides free telephone consultations with licensed agents. As the leading online specialist in Medicare supplements, MediGap Advisors has the expertise to help you find the insurers that offer the best rates. It also works with the highest-rated companies to help you see what competing insurers can provide. To arrange to speak with your own Personal Advisor, call MediGap Advisors at 866-323-1441.'

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