If you want more from Medicare, you need to replace your Original Medicare with one of the private Medicare Advantage Plans or supplement your Original Medicare with one of the 10 Medicare Supplement Plans. What happens if you want, or need, to change your residency with either type of plan?
Medicare Advantage Plans typically have smaller coverage areas than Medicare Supplement Plans and you must live within the Advantage Plan’s area to receive services. MA Plans are not standardized. That means if you want to find a new MA Plan in your new home, you’ll have to start from scratch. Every MA Plan has different rules so it’s a lot harder to match up MA Plans than it is get the same coverage with Medigap Plans.
Medigap Plans are standardized so every Plan F, for instance, has the same benefits and coverage across the country, with the exception of Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Those are the only states with variations of standard Medigap Insurance.
The same Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are typically available throughout a state and, unless you choose a Medicare SELECT Plan, you won’t have restrictions on which doctors or hospitals you use. SELECT Plans limit your choice of providers for non-emergency and non-urgent care, but they typically have lower premiums than other Medigap Insurance. Find out more about Medicare Advantage Plans and Medigap Plans on our website.


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