medicare advantage planOctober 15 is fast approaching. Do you know the reason why this date is so important? This date marks the beginning of the annual open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage plans. The open enrollment lasts until December 7. If you’re planning to go for a Medicare Advantage plan to save on Medicare, then you should mark this on your calendar.
You might be wondering why I’m sharing this with you now when it’s not even October yet. You need ample time to learn about your health care options before making a decision. Medicare Advantage plans are offered by various private insurance companies so you might want to research first and take time to study all your options. That way, you can get the right coverage that best fits your situation without paying too much.
Medicare Advantage plans are totally different from Medicare Supplement Insurance so don’t confuse one with the other. Medicare Supplement Insurance plans “supplement” Medicare Parts A and B, while Medicare Advantage plans totally replace it. Medicare Advantage plans are also called Medicare Part C because they offer hospital coverage (Part A), medical coverage (Part B), and most add coverage for prescription drugs (Part D). They may also cover dental care, eyeglasses and even hearing aids, none of which are covered by original Medicare.
A lot more Medicare beneficiaries have been choosing a Medicare Advantage plan because, on average, premiums decreased by seven percent in 2012! Aside from lower premiums, these plans do not have medical underwriting. You can get coverage even with a pre-existing condition as long as it is not end-stage renal disease.
Medicare Advantage plans are not standardized so you need to find out the benefits and rules before applying. We can help research the different plans offered by insurance companies in your area so you can get the lowest rates available. If you have questions, you can give us a call and we’ll assign a personal advisor to give you a free consultation, or you can join our free Teleseminar.'

Jim McFadden has over 11 years of executive-level experience in the health insurance industry, is a youth baseball, softball and football coach, and has one of the worst fantasy football records in the world.