Nationwide Annuity Plans


Nationwide began as an mutual auto insurer 85 years ago, but has since grown into a Fortune 100 company with statutory assets beyond $159 billion. The company is owned by policyholders and offers insurance and financial services. Nationwide sells a variety of insurance, including coverage for vehicles and pets, in addition to life insurance, long-term savings plans, and annuities.

Types of annuity plans

  • Variable
    Choose investments. You get paid based on how those investments do. There are variable immediate (start getting payments right away) and variable deferred (tax-deferred growth).

  • Immediate
    Pay a lump sum and immediately start getting a monthly income. Any investments you make can be either fixed or variable.

  • Fixed
    This annuity is very low-risk. Your principal investment and interest rate are assured. Advantages include death benefits and tax deferral on your earnings.

  • Market value adjusted
    Also known as a modified guaranteed annuity, this plan combines guarantee terms with higher interest rates than other fixed investments. It is best for saving for retirement.

Other benefits

Since Nationwide is such a large company, it offers just about everything you would need for planning for retirement, including retirement plans, mutual funds, and resources on how to add up healthcare costs and social security.

Want more information?

If you want to learn more about the annuity plans that Nationwide offers, or annuity plans in general, call a Personal Benefits Manager at 866-323-1441. We will be more than happy to provide you with reliable information and advice for your specific situation.