United States Fire Insurance Company
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Game-Changing Medicare Supplement Options in All 50 States

The United States Fire Insurance Company (US Fire) is part of the Crum & Forster group of companies, which has been providing diverse coverage options for American individuals, businesses, and communities for nearly 200 years.

Today, US Fire provides access to a complete suite of Medicare Supplement plans. This includes the low-cost Plan L, a cost-sharing form of Medigap that is changing the way people plan for retirement.

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US Fire Medicare Supplement plans

The United States Fire Insurance Company is able to deliver a number of benefits that the U.S. Medicare program is unable to offer. Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap) are designed to cover the products and services that Original Medicare does not.

Medigap plans offered by US Fire can make it easy to pay for:

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Part A coinsurance and hospital fees

Original Medicare only pays for a limited amount of time in the hospital. After 60 days, you could be on the hook for about $350 per day. Medicare Supplement plans can pay for the cost of extended hospital stays even after your Part A coverage runs out.

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Skilled nursing facility coinsurance

If you need to stay in a nursing facility as part of your recovery, Medicare is only going to cover the first 20 days. After that, the coinsurance is $185.50 per day. Your new Medigap plan can cover this amount, greatly reducing the potential financial blow of an unexpected illness.

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Foreign travel emergencies

US Fire has coverage options that can keep you protected while you’re traveling abroad. Different plans have different coverage limits, making it possible to find the option that best suits your travel style.

Medigap Plan L: A low-cost alternative to Medicare Advantage

One of US Fire’s most popular Medigap options is Plan L. This a cost-sharing form of Medigap, which means that all Medicare-covered expenses are shared between Medicare and the enrollee.

Medigap Plan L includes 100% coverage for Part A coinsurance, preventive care coinsurance, and foreign travel emergencies. All other Medicare-covered services will be paid out at 75%, leaving the enrollee to cover the remainder.

Plan L is a particularly good deal for people who are relatively healthy and do not expect to use their coverage that often.

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100% coverage after out-of-pocket cap

Cost-sharing Medigap plans come with an out-of-pocket cap, after which all Medicare-covered costs are 100% covered by your plan.

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Choose any provider

A Medigap Plan L with US Fire has no provider network, meaning that you can choose any doctor or hospital in the country.

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A low-cost alternative to Medicare Advantage

Plan L is both more affordable and more flexible than Medicare Advantage. It’s also a great match for retirees who have funds in their Health Savings Account.

Learn more about Medigap plans with United States Fire Insurance

Your Personal Benefits Manager can help you understand the difference between the different Medicare Supplement plans on the market. By scheduling a no-cost consultation, you can see rates and coverage options side-by-side, making it easy to compare MediGap plans.

You can click the link below to run a free quote on US Fire MediGap, or call 800-913-3416 to set up a free consultation.