About Wiley Long

(and what MediGap Advisors is All About)

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Wiley P. Long III

MediGap Advisors

My name is Wiley Long, and I’m the President of MediGap Advisors. For more than 30 years, it’s been my passion to help families, individuals, and small businesses secure the best health coverage available to them.

I have won numerous awards, written for the Agent’s Sales Journal, and have been featured in American Way magazine, the monthly publication of American Airlines; Pregnancy and Newborn magazine; The LA Times; and numerous other publications. I have also written the top-rated book about Medicare on Amazon, titled The Medicare Playbook.

Although it’s important for me to stay on the forefront of issues affecting the health insurance industry, what’s more important is how I can help you.

My team and I have two primary objectives:

  1. We want to make the process of choosing and signing up for a Medicare plan – whether you choose a Medicare Supplement plan along with traditional Medicare, or a Medicare Advantage plan – easy and hassle-free.
  2. We strive to help you protect your assets, as well as reduce the amount of your money that goes to the insurance industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industries, or to the government.

I started in the health insurance business in 1986 by meeting with individuals and small businesses all over the state of Georgia. During that time, I personally met one-on-one with several thousand individuals and small business owners concerning their health insurance needs.

After taking a year off in 2000 to travel around the world with my wife (she documented our trip at www.LongsStrangeTrip2000.com), we moved to Colorado to go to graduate school. She started a new career as a veterinarian, and I got a master’s degree in human nutrition and exercise science.

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Me and my son, Wiley IV, having fun in the water

Christie with our dog friends

I stayed in the insurance business, because I’ve always known I have a passion for helping people. As more and more of our customers began to turn 65 and sign up for Medicare plans, we saw the growing need to help people sort through the confusing array of options.

What I continually encountered as I talked with clients was confusion – confusion about what Medicare covers, and what it doesn’t cover. Confusion regarding how and when to sign up for Medicare. Confusion about how to make sure prescription drug costs are covered. Confusion about the dizzying array of Medicare Advantage plans, and which options provide the best healthcare solution for clients.

So I put together a team. We are a small group of experts dedicated to helping our customers find the best value possible. We believe our best customer is an educated customer, and that’s why we provide so many resources to help our clients get the information they need.

I am also the author of the monthly newsletter that all of our customers receive: MediGap Advisors Health and Wealth Report. In it, you’ll find information on issues that affect your money and your medical care, and you’ll hear from me on the best ways to optimize your health.

It’s my pleasure to serve our clients, and provide the coverage that best suits their needs. I’m always keen to hear your thoughts about how we are doing our job, or any general comments you have about our company or the Medicare market in general. My personal email address is President@MediGapAdvisors.com. I urge to reach out to me at any time with any comments or questions.