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Email us at or call toll free 800-913-3416, and one of our expert Personal Benefits Managers will happily advise you on all your personal options.

Though we offer Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Part D Prescription plans throughout the country, we are not a giant corporation with robotic answering systems and phone banks full of operators.  Call us, and you get a real person.  Once you are assigned a Personal Benefits Manager, you can ask for that person whenever you call back.

We also have weekend and evening appointments available, so just let Janice know if you would like to set up a telephone meeting.  Call her at 800-913-3416.

How to Apply

Applications can be printed out and faxed to us at 866-284-0082, or mailed to us at the following address:

MediGap Advisors
Attn: New Applications
1281 E. Magnolia St., Unit D #233
Fort Collins CO 80524
Toll Free Phone Number: (866) 323-1441
Toll Free Fax Number: (866) 284-0082

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