Medicare Supplement

Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medigap Plan N Has Major Benefits

When selecting insurance, it’s smart to balance potential coverage needs with the cost of premiums. You may find the best value by purchasing a less expensive Medicare Supplement Plan N that does not cover all of the gaps in Medicare coverage, especially for benefits you will not use or that have low out-of-pocket risk.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Benefits

How Medicare Supplement Plan N Compares to Other MediGap Plans

You can get a quick look at what all the standard Medigap plans offer with our Medigap Plan Benefits Grid. Plan G is the plan with the most comprehensive coverage and, therefore, often the highest premiums. There are three benefits Plan G covers that a Medigap Plan N does not cover or does not cover fully.

  • Part B excess charge. Plan G does make up that difference if there is any. If your doctor agrees to accept Medicare’s standard payment, you would not need that benefit.
    Note that the vast majority of providers will accept the standard Medicare payment. Doctors in the following states are not even allowed to charge excess charges: CT, MA, MN, NY, OH, PA, RI, and VT.
    You can see if your doctor accepts Medicare-approved payment amounts by checking
  • Another difference between the benefits of Plan G and Plan N lies in copayments for outpatient services. Medigap Plan N charges you a copayment of up to $20 for a doctor’s appointment that is not 100 percent covered as recommended preventive care, whereas Plan G covers outpatient services with $0 copay.
  • Finally, Medigap Plan N also has a $50 copay charge if you go to the emergency room and are not admitted as an inpatient by a doctor, whereas G will not charge a copay.

How to Apply for a Medicare Supplement Plan N

Our instant quotes show you leading insurance companies that sell Medigap Plan N, as well as the other nine Medigap plans, in your state. Again, Medigap Plan N offers the same benefits regardless of which insurance company you select to provide it.

If you’d like a professional opinion on how different Medigap plan benefits might fit your needs, please call 1-800-913-3416 to request your confidential and comprehensive free consultation.