Critical Illness Coverage

When a critical illness strikes, are you financially prepared?  The financial expenses when you’re diagnosed with cancer or heart disease can easily drain your nest egg.  Even though you have health insurance, it’s not a guarantee that all of your medical expenses will be covered.  In addition, if you have a high-deductible policy, you’d end up paying thousands of dollars even before your coverage starts.

Critical illness plans cover both medical and non-medical expenses related to your condition, helping you focus on getting well.  Critical illness plans are designed to give you peace of mind and financial security to help you through a difficult time.

How Critical Illness Plans Work

Once you are diagnosed with a critical illness, the policy will pay out a lump-sum benefit.  The amount you receive will vary based on the medical condition, carrier, and plan type.
The cash that you receive from the carrier can be used to pay for:

  1. Caregivers
  2. Diagnostic procedures
  3. Home health care
  4. Insurance copayments and deductibles
  5. Rehabilitation
  6. Uncovered or additional prescription drugs

You can also use it to assist with your day-to-day expenses such as food, gas, household bills, mortgage payments, and lost income.

Covered Conditions

Listed below are some of the common medical conditions covered by a critical illness plan .

Advanced Alzheimer’s Disease Heart Attack Major Organ Transplant
Angioplasty Invasive Cancer Paralysis
Coronary Bypass Surgery Loss of Independent Living Stroke
End Stage Renal Failure Major Burns Terminal Illness

Critical Illness Carriers We Offer

MediGap Advisors offers individual and family critical illness coverage options from top-rated carriers in the country.

Cigna Supplemental Benefits (CSB) – CSB specializes in Medicare Supplement, Cancer, Heart, Stroke, Critical Illness, Hospital Surgical and Accident polices.

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company – Serving individuals and families for over 76 years, GTL offers accident, life, health and other specialty risk insurance, such as critical illness coverage.


Want more information on critical illness coverage? Get a fast quote online today by clicking the individual carrier links above  or speak with your MediGap Advisors’ Personal Benefits Manager at (866) 323-1441.