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Wiley Long president of HSA for AmericaTo our loyal clients and fans, we say ‘Thank You.’  We like to see you keep more money in your pocket and less money in those of the insurance industry.  We appreciate your business and take our mission to save you money very seriously.

Help us spread the word about how our small team, dedicated to personal one-on-one service, can help your loved ones save money today.  Become a referral partner with MediGap Advisors and receive payments for submitted applications.

Referral Payments for Submitted Applications:

  Medicare supplement insurance plan $25
  Critical illness coverage $25
  Disability insurance $50
  Term Life Insurance $50
  Long-term Care Insurance $50
Self-funded Pension Plan $100

Use the custom link we will send you to invite friends to sign up or just simply speak to one of our Personal Benefits Manager.  Use the link on your Facebook page or a blog; you can even just email it to your list of contacts.  If someone enrolls within 60 days of first coming to our site, we will credit your account as an ‘Affiliate Sale.’  You could receive payments each week, depending on how many people sign up.

It really is that simple. Send us a new client, we take care of them and you get paid.  We are so confident in our service and products that we believe we can help your friends and family save money, while bettering their health.

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Once you sign up, you will be able to log into your Affiliate Account to track how many people have clicked your link.  You will also have access to resources that will help you share the information with others – such as sample emails, Facebook posts, banner ads, and more.

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