Accidental Disability Coverage

If you’re still working, you need a plan for covering your expenses


Bills are a part of life. If you’re still working, you rely on your income to keep on top of things like electric and gas bills, car payments, mortgage or rent payments, and just buying food.

If you couldn’t work, it wouldn’t take long for your unpaid expenses to add up. If you’re still working, it’s likely you’re in good health, but an accident could leave you sidelined for a considerable amount of time.

Hopefully you’ve saved some money, and you’d be able to access it if you needed it in the event of an emergency like an accidental injury. But if your injury is serious, you could be out of work for 3, 6, even 12 months. Could you afford to pay your routine expenses from savings alone?

A plan designed to pay you when you get injured

What if you had an insurance plan that would pay you a sum every week when you’re sidelined from work due to an injury? It would likely give you substantial peace of mind knowing that your everyday expenses would be covered. The good news is that this kind of coverage does exist, and it’s known as Accidental Total Temporary Disability, or ATTD, coverage. And rates are low.

If you’re injured, your benefits begin 14 days after the injury. You can purchase coverage at two different levels. Level 1 coverage pays you $250 per week for every week you’re out of work. Level 2 coverage pays $500 a week. Coverage is available on an individual or couple basis.

If you sustain a disabling injury while you’re unemployed, ATTD coverage still pays. As long as you can’t do the type of things that another person who is your gender and age can do, your plan will pay.

What if Worker’s Compensation is paying, too?

It’s not important. Your ATTD plan will pay benefits on top of the benefits you’re already getting from another plan, like Worker’s Compensation or another kind of coverage.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Protection

Severe injuries that cause a critical loss of function, like losing a limb, going blind, or loss of hearing, are known as dismemberment. ATTD policies pay you a pre-determined sum for injuries such as these. The amount of the payment depends on the injury. There’s also a lump sum payment totaling $5,000 in the event of death because of an accident.

Spend the money for what you need

ATTD policies don’t govern how the proceeds are spent. That’s your decision. You look at your expenses and use the benefits as you need.

Security you can afford with an ATTD policy

We work with Wholesale Benefits Association (WBA) to provide this coverage. Your monthly premiums are $17.95 (for individual coverage) or $39.95 (coverage for a married couple) for the plan that pays $250 per week. You’ll pay only $35.90 and $79.90, respectively, monthly for the $500 weekly benefit. WBA gives 9% off the totally yearly premium when you pay for a year up front.

Click here to go to Wholesale Benefits Association’s website. Once you’re there, you’ll see the “enroll” option on the top righthand corner. Click it, and you’re on your way. You can pay using check or card and the whole process takes about 10 minutes.