Medicare Open Enrollment Ends December 7th

Every year from October 15th to December 7th, Medicare Enrollees have the opportunity to make changes to their coverage and benefits. For most people, this means adding a Part D Prescription Plan (PDP), or signing up for Medicare Advantage (MA). 

But as it turns out, Medicare Open Enrollment is not just for people who are unhappy with their coverage. To the smart consumer, Open Enrollment represents a strategic opportunity to lock-in the best rates possible. After all, rates and plans are changing every year, and it’s only those people who are paying attention that will be able to reap the benefits. 

What you can do during Medicare Open Enrollment:

Add Part D prescription coverage 

If you didn’t sign up for a Part D prescription drug plan (PDP) during your initial enrollment period, then you can do so during open enrollment. This is a stand-alone insurance plan exclusively for Medicare beneficiaries that makes prescription drugs much, much more affordable.

If you are looking to add Part D or switch to a different Part D plan, it helps to have a list of your required medications handy. Your Benefits Advisor can input your medications into specialized software that can calculate your projected costs across all plan options. 

Sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan

For more and more Americans, Medicare Advantage (MA) is becoming an essential part of retirement health strategy. These privately-facilitated insurance plans are designed to cover everything that Original Medicare does, and usually a lot more. In addition, MA plans greatly reduce the out-of-pocket costs that come with Original Medicare. 

One of the drawbacks to MA plans is that because they are offered by private insurance companies, they come with network restrictions, just like any other HMO or PPO. 

But if the network thing is not a dealbreaker, MA plans present a more efficient, more affordable way to pay for Medicare. Premiums start at around $30 a month, and some MA plans even have $0 premiums. 

Lower the cost of your Medicare Supplement

Just like all other forms of insurance, Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) change their rates and plan options every year. This means that even if you’re happy with your current Medigap Plan, there is a good chance that you can bring your monthly costs down by checking in with the new posted rates. 

 Or, if your medical needs have changed, you can sign up for a new MediGap plan to help fill the holes of your current coverage.

Medicare Open Enrollment Ends December 7th

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Medicare Open Enrollment ends on December 7th. This means that it is only a matter of days until you can no longer make changes to your Medicare Coverage. Whether you’re looking to cut costs or enroll in more comprehensive coverage, your Personal Benefits Manager can help you get it done.

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