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The Medicare Playbook

Wiley P. Long III’s “The Medicare Playbook: Designing Your Successful Health Coverage Strategy” is a must-read for anyone approaching 65.


They say that growing old is a privilege, but as anyone who has had a 65th birthday can tell you, that’s not exactly the whole story. The health issues that often arise with age are an inevitability that can strain more than just your bank account, and unfortunately, most of us head into our 60s with virtually no preparation.

It is no surprise then that more people than ever are confused by Medicare. The complicated enrollment process and dizzying plan options are enough to make most people shudder with anxiety. Stricken with fear and confusion, too many people are failing to make the right decisions when it comes to their ongoing care.

Medicare expert Wiley P. Long III has set out to change that. In his limited-run, tell-all paperback The Medicare Playbook, Wiley manages to demystify Medicare in a way that will actually have you excited to get started with your long-term health plan.

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The Problem: Medicare Rules are Needlessly Complex

The first thing that everyone needs to understand about Medicare is that it was not designed to be easy to use. The intricate enrollment schedules, numerous “parts”, “plans”, and hidden restrictions were organized to benefit the system, as opposed to you, the consumer

The result is that a startling number of Americans are making the wrong decisions even well before their coverage starts. Some avoid Medicare important coverage options altogether, choosing to forgo valuable benefits simply because they’re too confused to get started.

It Gets Worse: “The Mess that is Medicare”

While some people might think that they understand Medicare, the real likelihood is that they are operating under many of the same misconceptions as the rest of us. Misconceptions, it turns out, that can be both expensive and time consuming when not corrected early.

For instance, while most people know that they become eligible for Medicare when they turn 65, very few people know that it is mandatory. Even fewer know that unless you qualify for a few fine-print exceptions, there are actually stiff penalties that can come from missing a Medicare deadline.

And what about the different plan types? Do you know the difference between Part A and Plan APart C from Plan C? How about the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement?

It seems that the further you wade into the regulatory waters of Medicare, the more there is to understand. Unfortunately, the government-run Medicare website is about as informative as you would expect it to be from a bunch of bureaucrats, and little help to newcomers. Even some financial advisors avoid the topic, unwilling or unable to navigate the many ins and outs.

The Medicare Playbook is here to set the record straight. Through his deft summaries, thoughtful strategies, and to-the-point coaching, Mr. Long’s book is dispelling confusion nationwide by getting right to the heart of the Medicare conversation:

  • The #1 mistake people make when enrolling in Medicare
  • The actual difference between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement plans
  • How to navigate the dates & deadlines associated with enrollment
  • How to maximize the value of your Medicare plan

Wiley P. Long III: A Medicare Expert who has “Been There”

The main reason that Medicare guides are hard to understand is because they are written by the officials that designed the program. As such, they tend to be dry, overly verbose, and tedious to the point of exhaustion.

Wiley P. Long III, award-winning author of The Medicare Playbook, is armed with not only 30 years of health coverage experience, but also the unique perspective of someone who has helped scores of clients and friends alike sort through the dizzying process of turning 65, enrolling in Medicare, and crafting ongoing health care strategies.

As both a writer and long-time insurance professional, Long succeeds in distilling the complicated processes and regulations behind Medicare into a compact tome that is comprehensible and breezy at once, a feat that is rare in the industry.

The Jargon-Busting Medicare Playbook Makes it all Faster and Easier

The truth is, growing old is a privilege, and one that shouldn’t be financially threatened by avoidable mistakes and predictable pitfalls. Anyone who is approaching, or already past the age of 65 owes it to themselves to take the time to understand the mechanics of Medicare and health planning, and Long’s easy-reading book allows that to happen within the scope of a single afternoon in your favorite chair.

Option 2 is to try your luck with the government-administrated Medicare website, a haphazardly organized collection of densely written mumbo-jumbo that you will certainly have to read more than once.

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