GPM Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

GPM Medicare Supplement Insurance

GPM Life Medicare Supplement Coverage

Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company (GPM Life) has been catering to the health insurance needs of the military, civil servants and civilians since 1934. The company is known for its competitive Medicare supplement insurance plan premiums and exceptional customer service.

GPM Life earned an “Excellent” financial rating from A.M. Best Company, a leading independent rating organization. The company’s also included in the top 20 percent of life insurers rated by Weiss Research, Inc.

What Sets GPM Medicare Supplement Apart From Other Insurance?

GPM stands for Government Personnel Mutual. The main reason mutuals exist is to raise funds from their members, which can then be used to provide common services to all members of the organization.

A mutual like GPM Life is run for the benefit of, and owned by, its policyholders. Mutuals don’t have external shareholders, so they aren’t usually compelled to seek larger profits. The profits earned by GPM Life go into the services that benefit members and into the sustained growth of the company.

GPM Life Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare supplement insurance, also called Medigap, exists to supplement your Original Medicare and make your coverage more complete since Medicare doesn’t cover all of your healthcare costs.

There are 10 standard MediGap plans lettered A through N. Since the benefits of each plan are standardized, you’ll get the exact same coverage for the same lettered plans no matter which company you do business with. You can check out our MediGap plan benefits chart to compare the coverage each MediGap plan offers.

There are five GPM Life Medicare supplement plans offered to seniors enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B: Plans A, C, F, G and N. Depending on the GPM Medicare supplement plan you select, you may get coverage for foreign travel emergency care and help with other extra charges.

Give us a call at 800-913-3416 to check whether a GPM Life plan is available in your area. We can also give you other options if GPM Life plans aren’t available to you.

Why Choose GMP Life?

  • Fast customer service
  • GPM Life conducts a periodic policy review to make sure that the policies they are offering live up to the needs of the plan holders.
  • GPM Life has a long history of profitability, attested to by consistent contributions to company surplus.
  • GPM Life has a strong dividend-paying history that is usually higher than projected.

How to Apply for a GPM Medicare Supplement Plan

Click here to get an instant quote that’ll help you compare the plans and rates offered by GPM Life and other insurance companies in your area. You need to be enrolled in Medicare Part B before you can purchase a Medicare supplement plan.

Once you’re ready to choose a GPM Medicare supplement plan, you’ll have the option to request an application immediately online, or you may contact us at 800-913-3416 if there are points you need clarified or questions you’d like to ask. One of our Personal Benefits Manager can help you make the best healthcare decision for your specific needs. If you need assistance with the application process, we’re here to help.

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