Principal National Life Insurance Company

MediGap is excited to announce that we have partnered with Principal National Life Insurance Company to offer you annuities, disability insurance, and life insurance. You’re reaching or at the age for retirement. Ensure your future income.

About Principal

According to their website, Principal’s work isn’t based on “quick wins and fads” but years of experience. Founded in 1897 as an insurance company, they’ve become one of the top in their business and are a Fortune 500 company. They’ve earned countless awards, such as Adviser’s Choice Award for advisor support and World’s Most Ethical Companies.


Annuities can be a great stream of steady income during retirement. If you find yourself stretched a little too thin, consider supplementing with an annuity. Principal offers four types:

  1. Fixed annuity: provides a fixed rate of return, adjusting for market inflation

  2. Income annuity: income paid over a fixed amount of time in exchange for a lump sum

  3. Indexed annuity: offers downslide protection, as well as the potential to see more money from market growth

  4. Variable annuity: provides opportunities for savings and guaranteed incom

Disability Insurance

Principal offers comprehensive individual disability insurance for individuals and business owners. Their disability insurance retirement security helps individuals save for retirement on the off chance they cannot work due to injury or illness. Disability income pays monthly benefits to individuals who cannot work due to injury or illness.

Life Insurance

Having life insurance allows you to plan for the inevitable. Principal offers two types of life insurance:

Term insurance:

  • Payments stay the same until end of term

  • Chose the amount and length of term

Permanent insurance:

  • Helps cover unexpected medical costs

  • Accumulates cash value to help with everyday expenses

  • Fills in retirement gaps

If you’d like to learn more, contact us at (877) 910-7579. A MediGap representative is ready to answer any questions you have.