Spirit Dental Senior Plans

Spirit Dental is a great choice for the entire family. Created in 2003 by Direct Benefits, Inc., and underwritten by Security Life Insurance, they serve thousands of customers of all ages nationwide.
Spirit Dental’s plans cover seniors ages 65 and older. Spouses of any age are also eligible for coverage, as are children ages 0 to 19; the eligibility is extended to age 23 if the child is unmarried and a full-time student.

Many choose Spirit Dental because they offer secured acceptance. Others enjoy being able to choose their own dentist without the inconvenience of waiting periods as well. Another major offering is that implant services are covered and child orthodontia is included in-network.

Coverage Highlights

The three plans Spirit Dental offers include the Indemnity plan, which allows you to select your own dentist, the DHA-Premier PPO Network plan and the Careington PPO Network plan.

Here is a brief rundown of these plans’ services:

Indemnity preventive covered services include two exams and three cleanings per calendar year. Some of the major procedures covered include simple extractions, one diagnostic x-ray in a 3-year period, and the application of prosthetics such as bridges and dentures.

The DHA-Premier PPO Network allows you to choose from over 52,000 dentists and provides you higher coverage with lower rates. This plan is not offered in AK, ID, IL, ME, NJ, VT, VA, and WA. The services offered for this plan are the same as are offered for the indemnity plan, the only difference being that you can choose your own dentist or provider with the indemnity plan.

The Careington Maximum Care PPO Network gives you the choice of over 64,000 dentists. This plan also offers the same services as both the indemnity plan and the DHA plan, but with an added child orthodontia benefit.

Orthodontia deals with the proper alignment of teeth. This benefit is only offered to dependent children who are under 19 when treatment is received. The lifetime maximum benefit is $1,200 per child.

Deductibles and Yearly Maximums


The deductible is the amount of eligible dental care you need to pay for each year before your coverage begins.
For individuals:

  • $50 preventive lifetime deductible per person

For families:

  • $50 combined basic/major calendar year deductible per person; maximum of 3 individual deductibles per family for every calendar year

Yearly maximums:

  • Choose from $1,200, $2,000 or $3,000 annual maximum per person, per calendar year

Coverage starts once you meet the $50 lifetime deductible on preventive services and the $50 combined calendar year deductible on basic and major services.

As we outlined above, you have the option to go with the Indemnity dental plan (which allows you to choose your own dentist) or the DHA-Premier PPO Network. The tables below show the percentage of covered services for both dental providers per year. Please call us at 1-800-913-3416 to confirm coverage based on your zip code.


Class A – Preventive Services Indemnity DHA-Premier PPO
First Year 100% 100%
Second Year 100% 100%
Third Year 100% 100%


Class B – Basic Services Indemnity DHA-Premier PPO
First Year 70% 40%
Second Year 80% 80%
Third Year 90% 90%



Class C – Major Services Indemnity DHA-Premier PPO
First Year 10% 20%
Second Year 50% 50%
Third Year 50% 60%


Class D – Ortho Services (Careington PPO Plan) Orthodontia Coverage
First Year 10%
Second Year 25%
Third Year 50%

How to Apply

We are happy to help you with choosing options at no cost to you. To start an application today, call to speak with one of our Personal Benefits Managers at 1-800-913-3416. Or you can submit a question to have a Personal Benefits Manager call you.

Note: The Spirit Senior Dental Plan is not available in Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Vermont. Plan premiums may vary depending upon your zip code and age.