Signing up for the Medi-Share 65+ health sharing plan is incredibly simple and can be done entirely on your own in just a few minutes.

How to Self-Enroll in the Medi-Share 65+ Health Sharing Plan

If you’re looking for an innovative approach to healthcare that provides protection against the high costs associated with healthcare in retirement — without the burden of hefty premiums — then Medi-Share 65+ is definitely worth considering. 

This plan offers a compelling alternative to traditional Medicare Supplement Insurance by focusing on significant cost savings and community support.

In this blog, we’ll look into why Medi-Share 65+ is so effective, explore how the plan works, and explain how this budget-friendly, non-insurance option could be the smarter choice for managing your healthcare needs.

Ready to Enroll?

If you’re already familiar with Medi-Share 65+ and feel confident that a health sharing plan is the right choice for you, you can skip ahead to the enrollment instructions provided below!

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How Does Medi-Share 65+ Work?

Medi-Share 65+ is a comprehensive health sharing plan tailored for Medicare recipients, offering a straightforward alternative to conventional Medicare enrollment.

It’s not an insurance product. Instead, health sharing plans like Medi-Share 65+ are non-profit, voluntary associations of health-conscious, like-minded individuals who have come together to help share one another’s medical bills via cost-sharing.

Cost Sharing Structure

With Medi-Share 65+, you are responsible for the first $500 per household in costs for services approved but not paid under Medicare Parts A and B.

After you cover the first $500, Medi-Share picks up 100% of the rest of those costs.

You pay no further deductibles, copays, or coinsurance for anything approved under Medicare Parts A or B.

This is very similar to Medigap Plan G, which pays everything under Parts A and B except for your Part B deductible, which as of 2024 is $240 per individual, not per household.

For most people, Medi-Share 65+ offers similar cost-sharing power but at a significantly lower monthly cost compared to Medigap Plan G:

As of 2024, Medi-Share 65+ costs just $99 for those aged 65-74, and $150 for those aged 75 and older.

Low Out-of-Pocket Maximums Compared to Medicare Advantage

It also has much lower maximum out-of-pocket cost exposure compared to most Medicare Advantage plans, which unlike Medigap Plan G and Medi-Share 65+ can leave you facing thousands of dollars in potential out-of-pocket costs each year.

As of 2024, the out-of-pocket maximum for Medicare Advantage plans is $8,850 for approved services, though individual plans may set lower MOOPs. These plans will tend to have higher premiums.

Max Out-of-Pocket Exposure by Plan (2024)

Plan Max Out-of-Pocket/Year
Medi-Share 65+ $500 per household
Medigap Plan G $240 per individual (Part B Deductible)
Medicare Advantage Varies, but up to $8,850

Note: Most Medicare Advantage plans, but not all, include Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Neither Medigap nor Medi-Share 65+ include prescription drug coverage. Most people in these plans purchase a separate, standalone Medicare Part D plan.

Click here to learn more about Medicare Part D Prescription drug plans, or enroll.

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Why you should enroll

Medi-Share 65+ has many benefits and enrollment is easy.

Here’s how Medi-Share works to offer comprehensive healthcare services at a low cost:

Saves Money, Limits Costs.

  • Enrolling in Medi-Share 65+ offers significant savings compared to other plans.
  • Efficiently limits costs, especially compared to Medicare Advantage (MA) with higher Maximum Out-of-Pocket (MOOP) expenses.
  • Ensures comprehensive health plan without a hefty financial burden.

Saves Money Compared to Plan G.

  • Medi-Share 65+ saves monthly premiums compared to Medigap Plan G and most other comprehensive Medigap plans.
  • Ensures robust sharing benefits while keeping more money in your pocket.

Everything approved but not paid under Medicare Parts A and B (except the first $500 per household) qualifies for sharing. 

  • Medi-Share pays all costs (deductibles, copays, and coinsurance) under Medicare Parts A and B, with the only exception being the first $500 per household per year. 
  • Medi-Share 65+ensures access to a broad spectrum of medical services without major out-of-pocket concerns.

Price Lock-in until Age 75:

  • Offers stability by locking in pricing until age 75.
  • Provides peace of mind and predictability in healthcare costs, allowing effective budget planning and eliminating uncertainty associated with fluctuating healthcare expenses.

No Pre-existing Clause if You Join When First Eligible:

  • Joining when first eligible eliminates a pre-existing condition clause.
  • You will be approved regardless of medical condition or history, as long as you enroll during your initial Medicare enrollment period.

Pre-existing Condition Clause of 6 Months, Not 4 Years:

  • Even if you miss the initial enrollment window, the pre-existing condition clause for Medi-Share 65+ is only 6 months.
  • Pre-existing condition waiting periods are also waived if you sign up during Medicare Open Enrollment.

Medi-Share 65+ Self-Enrollment Instructions

Enrolling in Medi-Share 65+ is easy – and takes just minutes.

Here’s how to sign up:

First, gather your Medicare enrollment letter or your Medicare card. You’ll need your Medicare card number from these documents.

Then, once you’ve got them in hand, come back to the computer, and follow these steps:

  • Click the enrollment link here, and answer some basic contact information.
  • Click “I’m not a robot,” and submit. 
  • On the next page, click the date on which you want your Medi-Share 65+ membership to become effective. You have a choice of three dates across the top.
  • Enter your state of residence, zip code, marital status, and date of birth of the oldest person enrolling on your application. 
  • Enter the number of people applying in your household. 
  • Click “See Pricing.” If the birthday you entered puts you or the oldest applicant at age 65 or older, the next page will give you pricing for the Medi-Share 65+ plan. 
  • Click “Select.”
  • Enter the primary applicant’s identifying information. 
  • Click “Onward.” 
  • Enter your address information. 
  • Click “Save and Continue.”
  • The next page will ask you if you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan, or if you plan to be when your Medi-Share plan becomes effective. 
  • To join Medi-Share 65+, you must click “No.” You only need one of these plans. You cannot join Medi-Share 65+ at the same time you’re enrolled in either Medicare Advantage or Medigap. If you’re transitioning from either plan to Medi-Share 65+, you must cancel your old plan when your Medi-Share 65+ plan becomes effective. 
  • Enter your 11-digit Medicare number from your Medicare card or benefits verification letter. 
  • Enter your Medicare Part B start date, using the drop-down menu. 
  • Enter your Medicare
  • Click “Continue.” 
  • Answer the remaining questions as prompted. 
  • Select a payment method
  • Proceed as you would with any other online purchase: Enter your billing/purchase information as directed. 
  • Verify your payment went through and confirm the effective start date.

Once you’ve successfully enrolled, be sure to cancel any other other Medicare Advantage or Medigap insurance as of your Medi-Share 65 Plus effective date.

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People Also Ask

What are the eligibility requirements for Medi-Share 65+?

You are eligible on the first day of the same month you turn 65 if you already have Medicare Parts A and B.

If your birthday falls on the first day of the month, you are eligible for Medi-Share 65+ on the first day of the prior month if you already have Medicare Parts A and B.

Can my Medi-Share 65+ plan be canceled for medical reasons?

No. Once you are enrolled, there is no medical reason that will cause you to be dropped from rolls.

You just need to adhere to Medi-Share’s statement of values and make your monthly contribution, according to your age, and remain enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.

What discounts are available for prescriptions, dental, and vision services in Medi-Share membership?

Medi-Share membership provides valuable discounts for various healthcare needs.

  • Prescription discounts: Members can access reduced prices on medications through Medi-Share’s partnerships with pharmacy networks. The specific savings will depend on the type of medication and the pharmacy’s pricing policies.
  • Dental discounts: Dental care discounts are available and can vary widely depending on the dentist and the type of service. Members can save on everything from routine check-ups and cleanings to more complex procedures like root canals and orthodontics.
  • Vision discounts: Members benefit from reduced rates on vision care, including eye exams, prescription glasses, and contacts. Discounts on vision care depend on the provider and may also include savings on corrective procedures.

These discounts help reduce out-of-pocket costs and make managing healthcare expenses more affordable.

How can members earn rewards for referring others to join Medi-Share?

Members have an incentive to share the benefits of Medi-Share with others. 

For each new member they refer who joins Medi-Share, the referring member earns a $100 reward. This program encourages members to help grow the community, benefiting from collective cost sharing.

What telehealth services are included in Medi-Share membership?

Medi-Share membership includes comprehensive telehealth services, providing unlimited access to board-certified doctors. 

Members can seek medical advice, get diagnoses, and have prescriptions written without needing to visit a doctor’s office in person, making healthcare more accessible and convenient.

Are there any annual or lifetime sharing limits with Medi-Share 65+?

Medi-Share 65+ does not have annual or lifetime sharing limits on eligible medical expenses. 

This is a significant benefit for members as it provides greater peace of mind regarding coverage for major medical costs without the fear of exceeding maximum benefit caps commonly found in some insurance plans. 

Not having these limits ensures that members can continue to receive support for their medical expenses as long as they are part of the program and the expenses meet the plan’s eligibility criteria.

Need Help?

If you run into any bumps with your application or just have a few questions, feel free to give us a call at MediGap Advisors or make an appointment with a Personal Benefits Manager.

They’re here to help make your enrollment as smooth as possible. 

Why put it off? Join the Medi-Share community today and find out why so many folks are switching from traditional Medicare to Medi-Share 65+. It’s more than just healthcare—it’s a community that cares.

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