Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Supplement Plans

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Supplement

Harvard Pilgrim is the leading company in the state of Massachusetts when it comes to providing high-quality health care and member satisfaction according to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Harvard Pilgrim Medicare supplement plans are some of the best in the country.

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Supplement Plan Availability

Harvard Pilgrim Medigap plans are available to Medicare beneficiaries in Massachusetts who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

Medicare Supplement Plans Offered

In Massachusetts, Medigap plans are standardized in a different way. There are only two standardized Medigap plans offered by Harvard Pilgrim at this time: their Core plan and their Medicare Supplement 1 plan. The chart below shows the benefits offered by Harvard Pilgrim Medigap plans in Massachusetts.

Benefits Offered Core Plan Medicare Supplement 1 Plan
Basic Benefits
Part A Deductible  
Skilled Nursing Co-Insurance  
Part B Deductible  
Foreign Travel Emergency  
State Mandated Benefits
In-Patient Days Covered in a Mental Facility per Calendar Year 60 Days 120 Days
Additional Benefits Fitness Program
Foreign Travel
Fitness Program

Legend: = 100% coverage

How to Get a Quote and Apply for Coverage

To see how Harvard Pilgrim supplement plans compare to all the plans available in your area, run our instant quotes. Once you’ve selected a plan that fits your budget and needs, you can immediately apply online by clicking the “Apply” button on the page. If you have questions or need to discuss which plan fits your situation, you can talk to one of our licensed Personal Benefits Manager by calling 800-913-3416. We never charge for consultations – just pure help with no sales pitch.

About Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Supplement Health Care

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, founded in 1969, continues to provide exceptional health care services and member satisfaction.  It has done this for more than 35 years in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and beyond. America Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) has consistently ranked Harvard Pilgrim’s health insurance plans among the top in the country. The NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) recognized how Harvard Pilgrim improved health care quality and provided excellent customer service by ranking the company’s health plans #1 for 10 consecutive years.