By Wiley Long
MediGap Advisors

Counting Down to the
Big Day

Newsletter Issue #11


I’m Wiley Long, and I’m the President of MediGap Advisors. Welcome to this, our eleventh installment, in a series of newsletters that’s designed to de-mystify the often confusing world of turning 65 and health care coverage.

Last month I covered what you can expect from your health care coverage in the way of wellness benefits. In the months prior we’ve discussed prescription drug coverage, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare supplement plans, what you can expect from traditional Medicare coverage, and how to compare all of the options in front of you. The delivery of this newsletter should coincide with the eleventh month of your sixty-fifth year. It’s time to put your knowledge to work, and we can help.

Let’s fine-tune your health care coverage with our Medicare Optimization Program.

You’re about to be 65. You could just default to traditional Medicare, but if you’ve been reading these newsletters, you know that’s a bad idea. My team is ready to help you sort through the choices available to you, and get you the best coverage for your needs at lowest cost available.

How, you ask?

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Using some basic data about you, such as your zip code, whether you smoke, your date of birth, and your gender we’ll come up with a list of all of the plans available to you, and the monthly premiums associated with each.
  • We’ll discuss the specifics of your individual health care needs as they affect your coverage options. This is particularly important with respect to the medications you take - we want to be sure the plan(s) you’re interested in give you the maximum benefits for the drugs you need.
  • If a Medicare Advantage plan looks like a good option for you, we’ll take a look at the doctors and facilities you frequent, and make sure they are in-network for the plans you are considering.
  • And last but certainly not least important, we’ll have make sure the plans that look the most advantageous to you are within your budget.

Our Personal Benefits Managers are experts in these plans, and they’ll help you understand what the differences in them mean to you. Once you choose a plan we’ll help you get enrolled. We can apply for you by taking your information over the phone, or if you prefer you can fill it in online or on a good old-fashioned paper application. We’re available every step along the way to answer questions about the application process.

Once you get into a plan, you haven’t heard the last from us.

Our Medicare Optimization Program ensures that we’re there for you the first year of your coverage, and every year after. Each year we’ll offer our Annual Comprehensive Policy Review, to make sure that the plan you’re in continues to provide the best value for your needs. If it doesn’t, well find the one that does.

So let us help you get the ball-rolling now, so that you’re assured that you’re covered on the day you turn 65. Go online to our website at to run an instant quote, or call us directly at (800) 913-3416. Either way, we’re here for you, every step of the way.

Best regards,

Wiley P. Long III
President - MediGap Advisors